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Research Article
Akram Sanagoo, Alireza Azizi Moghadam, Abdalrahim Hazini, Eznolah Azar Gashb, Leila Mahasti Jouybari, Fereshteh Araghian Mojarad
Palliative care is essential for cancer patients. Palliative care programs reduce distress, promote patients’ improvement, increase family satisfaction, reduce hospitalization time and finally reduce costs and increase productivity.The aim of this study was to compare the effect of palliative care and routine care on the satisfaction level ... read more
Research Article
Fatemeh Ahmadian, Davood Hekmatpou, Maryam Eghbali, Shadi Farsaei
One of the most common problems in intensive care units (ICUs) is pressure ulcer or bed sore and its prevention is a priority in nursing cares.The current study aimed to evaluate the effect of henna (Lawsonia inermis) on prevention of pressure ulcers in patients in ICU.The current ... read more
Research Article
Imaneh Bagheri, Behroz Pakcheshm, Robabeh Memarian, Naiire Salmani
The lack of awareness about sexual activity after a myocardial infarction (MI), as well as consequent occasional sexual withdrawal and sex problems, are the key factors that intensify the stress, anxiety, and depression in patients with MI and their spouses.This study aimed to investigate the effect of ... read more
Research Article
Parisa Moradimajd, Ahmad Ali Asadi Noughabi, Mitra Zolfaghari, Abbas Meran
One of the important duties of nurses is to protect patients against any injuries. In most cases, physical restraint is applied as one of the immunity tools. In cases that other actions are not possible, physical restraint seems to be one of the acceptable interventions to protect ... read more
Research Article
Zeinab Hemati, Rouhangiz Mohammadi, Saba Boroumand‬, Zahra Poorpooneh, Zohreh Ghazavi
The main problem of preterm infants is lung function disorder and disordered oxygenation due to an immature respiratory tract, therefore, appropriate performance of nurses in oxygen therapy is very important.The aim of this study was to investigate nurses’ performance during oxygen therapy for hospitalized infants at the ... read more
Research Article
Sayed Alireza Mirsane, Neda Mirbagher Ajorpaz, Shima Shafagh, Javad Aminpour
Patients experience moderate to high level of anxiety before surgery. Many strategies such as sedative-hypnotic agents are developed to improve anxiety.The current study aimed to determine the effect of video and images of operating room on patients’ anxiety, before general surgery.A clinical trial was performed on 60 ... read more
Research Article
Aliakbar Keykha, Hasan Askari, Abbas Abbaszadeh, Hasan Enayatie, Bibi Mahdie Khodadadi Hosini, Fariba Borhani
One of the highly important duties at the intensive care units (ICUs) for maintaining airway and improving ventilation and oxygenation is suctioning; however, it must be done in a way so that, in addition to the mentioned advantages, it can have the least complications for the patient.The ... read more
Case Report
Alireza Nafei, Ahmed Ahmadzade, Shahriar Sakha, Nasser Bqay, Parinaz Mustafa Soltani
A 46-year-old man with severe chest pain without a clear medical history of cardiac ischemia was admitted to emergency ward of Ayatollah Madani hospital in Khoy city, Iran. The patient was diagnosed with possible acute coronary syndromes and located in the first level of triage. After early ... read more

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